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No one in the Mainstream Media is talking about this. The Pacific Ocean is dead caused by the daily dumping of tons of dangerous radioactive materials into the Pacific ocean from Japan since the nuclear disaster in 2011. Tons of it every day for the past 4 years! Hawaii, the U.S. and Canadian West Coasts have seen massive die offs of sea life.  Do not eat any seafood or seaweed from anywhere including lakes, rivers and streams (radiation really concentrates in smaller bodies of water).  It is all contaminated.  The Pacific ocean flows into the Atlantic Ocean and radioactive waste has been dumped in oceans all over the world for years. Radioactive plumes are in the sky.  Here’s the link to my article on this:
It’s not safe to travel to Hawaii or any island in the Pacific. It is not safe to swim in the waters off the West Coast.  Reportedly Melbourne, Florida received the largest dose of radioactive isotopes on record from a concentrated radioactive plume right after the March 2011 nuclear disaster.  
Any amount of radiation, even a drop, is damaging and can cause cancer, heart attacks, diabetes, strokes, birth defects, miscarriages, dementia, seizures, loss of good judgement, hair loss, hysteria, premature aging, genetic mutations and other illnesses.
Airline Pilots and Crews are getting sick and dying. Whole Airlines have had to shut down because they are unable to find any pilots.  The radiation plumes in the atmosphere are causing radiation sickness and cancers. Airlines no longer allow passengers to carry geiger counters that measure radiation in the atmosphere.  The internal air on planes is not filtered. 50% is recirculated and 50% comes from outside.  So passengers are inhaling radiation particles. The radiation damages glass and metal, which can have devastating effects. There have been many emergency landings because of shattered windshields and windshields flying off planes during flights; wings or other parts falling off; fuselage damage; hydraulic damage; landing gear damage; battery damage.  It is advised to avoid airline travel. Use the train or bus or car.  There’s a facebook page reporting all the airline problems post Fukushima.  Just search “airline anomalies”.  (Something to consider: there have been a lot of roller coaster malfunctioning in amusements parks across the country as well.  Radiation causes buildings and bridges to decay.)
It is really sad to see the babies born with birth defects and different animals with mutations as a result of radiation exposure.  There’s a facebook page that documents all of this. Just search “mutation watch” on facebook.  Be warned, it is graphic.   There’s also a gruesome youtube video of a Japanese baby recently born with severe deformities.

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Realize this:

One day your soul
will depart from your body and you will
be drawn behind the curtain that floats between us
and the unknown. While you wait for that moment, BE HAPPY!
because you don’t know where you came from and
you don’t know where you will be going.  

Omar Khayyam

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