Fun Facts about Super Bowl XVIII

It was held 01/22/1984….

Los Angeles Raiders vs.  Washington Redskins
Raiders (pirates) vs. Redskins (natives).  This year’s Superbowl is Pirates vs. Natives also. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Kansas City Chiefs respectively.

Raiders won 38-9  defeating the Redskins who had won the Superbowl the year prior.

Oakland Raiders moved to Los Angeles in 1982.

There was a Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction that began in 1981…. Superbowl in Tampa in 1984 …Conjunction started on 12/21/2020 ~ 2021 Superbowl held in Tampa Bay

Going into the Superbowl, the Redskins had only lost 2 games….So far this season, the Chiefs have only lost 2 games.

This is the Superbowl that aired the infamous Apple Computer “1984” commercial introducing Apple Macintosh.

Will History repeat itself?

Kansas City Chiefs & Mega Millions XII

Date of this Headline is: 10:59 AM CST Feb 3, 2021

“Someone is $1 million richer after buying a Mega Millions ticket in KCMO” =

1294(14); 917(17); 287(28); 284(28); 1294(29); 291(29); 449(44); 4419(44); 203(2)(3 is the 2nd prime number)……………..

Date Article was posted – 2/3; 917(9/17 is Patrick Mahomes’ b’day); 5497(jackpot amount)

Ten fifty nine February third =

140(14) four times; 1017(17); 1177(17); 286(28); 328(28); 1249(14; 29); 193(44th prime number); 744(44); 302(2)(3 is 2nd prime number)

The $54 million with a cash option of 39.7 million Mega Millions numbers for Feb. 5: 

14…17…28..29..44…Mega Ball: 2

Patrick Mahomes – Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback.

Kansas City Chiefs Coach Andy Reid’s Son died on 8/5/2012 (218th day of year)(218 – 8/21 is date of coast to coast total solar eclipse in 2017)…

He was 29 years old… His obituary is filled with 2007(27 – 2/7 Superbowl)

here’s the link:

From 8/5/2012 to this year’s Superbowl is 444 weeks.

Kansas City Chief’s all time win loss record is 510 wins 444 LOSSES 12 ties. If Kansas City wins Superbowl, their season record will be 17-2.

So lets recap:

The Lotto #’s: 14..17..28..29..44..*2 Kansas City will be 17-2 if they win Superbowl… Reid’s Son died on 218th day of year (28). He was 29 YEARS OLD …from his death to the Superbowl is 444 weeks (44)

The Quarterback Matthew Stafford Trade, JFK Assassination & Superbowl 56

On January 30, 2021, Matthew Stafford (Quarterback for Detroit Lions) was traded to the Los Angeles Rams. Stafford grew up in Highland Park, Texas & attended Highland Park High School only 6 miles from where President John F Kennedy was assassinated.

Superbowl 56 is scheduled for 02/06/2022 at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. February 6 is President Ronald Reagan’s Birthday. On 3/3/1981, Reagan was shot along with 3 others by John Hinckley, Jr. Coincidentally ( or not~wink,wink), Hinckley also attended Highland Park High School. More “co-inkadinks”: Hinckley’s birthday is 5/29 just like John F Kennedy; Hinckley bought the gun used to shoot Reagan from ROCKY’s Pawn Shop on Elm Street (same street where Kennedy was shot). People who worship the Sun and celebrate Eclipses venerate The SACRED ROCK (Petra).

Matthew Stafford was born in Tampa, FL on 02/7/1988. Tampa is the spite of 2021’s Superbowl. He will be 33 years old for 2022’s Superbowl. From 1/30/2021 to 02/06/2022 is 12 months 8 days (821…8/21/2017 is date of U.S. coast to coast Total Solar Eclipse. The Superbowl is a huge Eclipse Celebration.

Will Matthew Stafford be the 2nd Quarterback in History to play a Superbowl in his team’s home city? (Tom Brady w/Tampa Buccaneers is the first).

From the 11/3/2020 election day to 2/6/2022 is 1 year 3 months 3 days; (Matthew Stafford will be 33 years old after  2/7/2021)…..65 weeks;  460(46) days; 1 year 95 days;  15 Months 3 days (153)

15 (51 or 5/10 -date of George W Bush assassination attempt)

From 2/7/2021 (Superbowl & Stafford’s b’day) to 2/6/2022 (Superbowl) is 52 weeks; 11 months 30 days(113);  364 days

From Joe Biden’s b’day (11/20/2021) to Matthew Stafford’s b’day(2/7/2022) is 11 weeks 3 days(113[11/3]); 2 months 18 days (8/21 is date of coast to coast U.S. total eclipse in 2017); 79 or 80 days

From 5/10/2005 (George W. Bush Assassination attempt) to 01/30/2021 is 15years 8 months 21 days (8/21 date of Total Solar Eclipse in 2017).

Los Angeles Rams = 52; 160(16 is 53rd prime #); 79(22nd) prime #[2022]; 529 (John F Kennedy’s & John Hinckley’s B’DAY is 5/29); 218(8/21 total solar eclipse);

Rams = 113(11/3); 101(26th prime# – 2/6 is Superbowl 2022); 15; 201

Los Angeles = 53; 2006(2/6);

President Joe Biden won the election on 11/3/2020(113) becoming the 46th President. Joseph Biden = 53; 62(6th of Feb.); 313(65th prime#); 313 is Detroit, MI area code where Stafford used to play.

Superbowl 56 = 52;  234; 46; 53;  364; 95; 460; 128(821-8/21 total eclipse in 2017)

Superbowl LVI = 52; 150(15);

Superbowl = 112 like Joe Biden’s b’day 11/20; 41(179 is 41st prime#); 449(87th prime#) John Matthew Stafford = 449; 717

Joseph Robinette Biden = 944(449)

NFC Championship = 52; 1079(179);

NFC Champions = 53(16th prime#)

Matthew Stafford = 62(6th of Feb -date of Superbowl 2022;   179; 1481(234th prime#)

SoFi stadium = 46

The Planets Jupiter & Saturn “conjunct” or appear to be close together in the sky every 20 years. The last one was December 21, 2020. Before that, in 2000, then 1981, then 1961…& so on…. Conjunctions aren’t all equal. The 2020 great conjunction is the closest the planet’s have been since 1623 & the closest observable since 1226.

1226 looks very much like 2/6/22 (Superbowl).

Matthew Stafford = 226….John Matthew Stafford = 226…Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback is Patrick Mahomes (Patrick Mahomes = 226 TWICE)…Tampa, the site of 2021’s Superbowl, equals 226. This is why the Superbowl is in Tampa after Jupiter Saturn Conjunctions. Superbowl fifty six= 1260(1226) ..Joe Biden= 126(1226)…Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. = 126

2021 Superbowl; 2001 Superbowl; & 1984 Superbowl were all in Tampa, Fl. Tampa did not get a Professional Football Team until 1976. The 1964 Professional Football Championship was held in Cleveland Ohio, at Cleveland Stadium(Cleveland Stadium = 4326 [the last closest observable Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction was March 4, 1226] 4326 – 4th of March ’26.

Will Superbowl 56 be the Chiefs vs. Rams?

A curious thing happens with the U.S. President who is in Office during or right after a Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction. That being, the President dies or is assassinated or has an assassination attempt.

After the Conjunction in 1961, John F Kennedy was assassinated on 11/22/1963…..Ronald Reagan attempted assassination on 3/3/1981…..George W. Bush attempted assassination 5/10/2005.

What will be the fate of Biden?

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Powerball XI

01/27/21..20 million $ Powerball numbers: 17…33…35…42…52..*9

01/31/21 jackpot $30 million with a cash option of 22.5 million numbers: 1…2..7…52…61…*4

“QAnon Thinks Trump Will Become President Again on March 4” =


730(30 million jackpot amount)

Mega millions X

$25 million 01/29/2021 Mega millions numbers: 4…44…58…59…70…*3

No one won, so the Drawing on 2/2/2021 is $42million with a cash option of $31million

“Bucs’ NFC Championship was ‘rigged’ and ‘fixed,’ fan writes in sarcastic letter to the editor” = 4…404(44)…4584(4;58)..11587(58;70)….359(3;59)…3004(3;4)…2531(370th prime#[3; 70]….424 (42 is jackpot amount)

2531 (25 & 31 are the jackpot amounts)

“Packers’ victory was ‘stolen from them’ and demanded a ‘recount of the points scored’ ” = 374(3;70;4)…347….