June 23/1623 Jupiter Saturn Conjunction

Much like 6/22, 6/23 had News Stories with Father themes, Law, Tennessee, Giants (Titans)

Major League Baseball Games today:

White Sox (43-30, Away: 16-18)12:35 PM EDT
Pirates (26-45, Home: 16-20)
White Sox 4 – 3
PNC Park – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Nationals (34-36, Away: 13-18)1:05 PM EDT
Phillies (34-36, Home: 21-13)
Citizens Bank Park – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Nationals 13 – 12
Cardinals (36-37, Away: 17-22)1:10 PM EDT
Tigers (31-42, Home: 16-19)
Comerica Park – Detroit, Michigan
Tigers won 6 – 2
Brewers (41-33, Away: 21-15)3:40 PM EDT
Diamondbacks (21-54, Home: 12-23)
Chase Field – Phoenix, Arizona
Brewers 3 – 2
Giants (47-26, Away: 23-16)4:07 PM EDT
Angels (36-37, Home: 21-18)
Angel Stadium of Anaheim – Anaheim, California
Giants 9 – 3
Rockies (30-44, Away: 5-28)4:10 PM EDT
Mariners (39-36, Home: 24-15)
T-Mobile Park – Seattle, Washington
Rockies 5 – 2
Astros (45-28, Away: 19-15)7:05 PM EDT
Orioles (23-50, Home: 12-25)
Oriole Park at Camden Yards – Baltimore, Maryland
Astros 13 – 0
Royals (33-38, Away: 15-19)7:05 PM EDT
Yankees (38-34, Home: 19-18)
Yankee Stadium – Bronx, New York
Yankees 6 – 5
Braves (35-37, Away: 15-17)7:10 PM EDT
Mets (37-31, Home: 21-9)
Citi Field – Flushing, New York
Mets 7 – 3
Blue Jays (36-35, Away: 23-19)7:10 PM EDT
Marlins (31-41, Home: 16-15)
Marlins Park – Miami, Florida
Blue Jays 3 – 1
Red Sox (44-29, Away: 24-12)7:10 PM EDT
Rays (43-31, Home: 19-15)
Tropicana Field – Saint Petersburg, Florida
Rays 8 – 2
Athletics (45-30, Away: 20-12)8:05 PM EDT
Rangers (26-47, Home: 16-20)
Globe Life Field – Arlington, Texas
Rangers 5 – 3
Dodgers (44-29, Away: 21-17)10:10 PM EDT
Padres (44-32, Home: 27-14)
PETCO Park – San Diego, California
Padres 5 – 3

NBA Game Hawks won 116 – 113

NHL Game Islanders won 3 – 2

Thursday Jupiter day 6/24 – 99 people missing at least 1 dead 51 unaccounted for… in Building collapse in Miami.   JUPITER = 99 

6/24/1717 is the date of the establishment of Modern Freemasonry 304 years ago

Freemasons are builders. Freemasons is 42 so is Saturn. Mason = 17, 62. .Miami Beach = 62

It is also St. John’s Day = 36 like Jupiter & Miami…..Building collapse = 17 & 71 like today’s date numerology.  51 also date numerology.
….Saying Collapse happened at 1:30 am & the building had 130 units..Washington = 130

MLB game today Miami vs. Washington Look for the score, could be a tribute…Washington won 7 – 3 (73 is 21st prime #…………………….. ……………………… Moon = 21..Saturn = 21 ~ Full moon Strawberry Moon on 6/24[The first full moon of the summer in 2021, rising Thursday night, is also the last supermoon of the year…called Strawberry Moon by indigenous peoples because the ripening of strawberries & other fruits occurs in early summer]

Jupiter = 90, 45, 36 just like Miami…. 1:30 am is also the 90th minute of the day…..
The Gov. of FL. Ron de Santis is 42…he’ll be 43 in 83 days…..collapse = 83
4 years ago there was a Grenfell Tower Fire on 6/14

June 22 commemorates the Great Jupiter Saturn Conjunction 1226.

Today, June 22 (22/6), is commemorative of the Great Jupiter Saturn Conjunction of 1226.

Saturn is the father Jupiter his son who dethrones him.

1429 = 226th prime #.  On gematrinator, 1429 Sum is 1430

NBA Game Today:

Phoenix Suns  currently 142 – 143 all time in playoffs. A win in today’s Game, will make them 143 (like 1430). Phoenix won 104 – 103. 207 total points.

The Jupiter Symbol is 24. Jupiter = 99…36…90…45..The Saturn Symbol, upside down 24, is 17. Saturn = 93…21….69…42 The 24th Prime # is 89; The 17th Prime# is 59.

Cancer (Zodiac) started on 6/21…..Cancer = 44…26…118…37

Look for stories about Tennessee or Titans (Titans is another name for Giants) In Greek mythology, Cronus (Saturn) was one of the Titans…Additional subject matter: Fathers (Padres, Pere), Laws, Haysus(Jesus),

Also, stories about Abba which is the Aramaic term for Father.

Father is 348 in English Sumerian

NHL Game Today: Knights = 101RO (26th prime #); 34FR(3/4/1226)

Golden Knights = 206 RO (26); 62 RFR….Montreal Canadiens = 69FR Montreal won 4 – 1. Four to one = 42. According to Actionnetwork.com, 90% of all Bets on this Game, were on the Knights, 10% on Montreal. So, draw your own conclusions from that info.

MLB Games Today Cincinnati Reds…..Reds = 26 RFR; 62 RO; won 10 – 7(SATURN is 17) Reds became 36 & 36/Twins fell to 42 losses

White Sox = 42 FR….93 RO (Saturn) lost to the Pirates 3 – 6 (Jupiter = 36)

Pirates = 101(26th prime#)..Story yesterday about Gay NFL Player Las Vegas Raider which is a Pirate. [No offense intended – “Pirates Booty”] Pirates Won & got their 26th win.

Phillies = 126RO..45FR..90EO..lost to the Nationals 3 – 2(three two = 42) Both teams now have 36 losses (on 6/22)..Orioles = 93EO..42 RFR..lost to the Astros 3 – 1(three one matches Jupiter in 3 ciphers) Astros became 45 & 28…Yankees = 26 FR..lost to the Royals 5 – 6 Yankees got 34th loss….Mets = 24 RFR lost to the Braves 3 – 0 three = 56 or three zero = 42 Mets stayed on 37 wins . Braves stayed on 37 losses …….Atlanta Braves = 89(24th prime)

Diamondbacks = 42FR; 228(Sun God)..Arizona Diamondbacks = 117RFR..Brewers = 90…36…99..45 matches Jupiter in 3 ciphers..Brewers won 5 – 0. Diamondbacks stayed on 21 wins.

..Dodgers = 36FR & RFR…117 RO (17 SATURN)….

Padres = Father in Spanish which represents Saturn….Padres play Dodgers look to see who wins. Padres = 63…27…99 Padres beat the Dodgers 3 – 2..Dodgers stayed on 44 wins…Padres gained their 44th win.

Seattle Mariners = 226RO …Mariners play Rockies….Sun God (Mithra) born from Sacred Rock (Petra)….Colorado Rockies = 89 RFR face Seattle. Seattle should win (226)…Seattle won 2 – 1…stayed on 36 losses

Saturn is currently in Aquarius… Miami Marlins = 59FR (like Saturn) face the Toronto Blue jays also = 59FR. Marlins lost 2-1(Saturn = 21 FR) Blue jays got 36th win.

Cardinals = 36 FR lost 8 – 2 to the Tigers (eight two = 44 & 37 like Cancer)….. Cardinals remained on 36 wins…Los Angeles Angels = 59FR…..Los Angeles Angels lost to the Giants 5 – 0..Giants stayed on 26 losses/Angels stayed on 36 wins.. Angels fell to 37 losses – Cancer is 37.

Rays = 45RO lost to Red Sox 5 – 9 Red Sox got 44th win…

Cubs = 9 FR..45EO….Cubs beat Indians 7 – 1 (17 is Saturn)….Oakland A’s beat Rangers 13 – 6..Oakland A’s = 24 …….Rangers stayed on 26 wins.

The day before 6/22, Arizona Diamondbacks broke a 17 game losing streak. The symbol for Saturn is 17.

In the News 6/22:

“Bitcoin prices are tumbli ng,……….not far from its all-time low and a far cry from its peak price of about $429.50.” [1429 is 226 TH prime]

“Nassib, 28, has played five years with three teams and is entering his second season with the Raider...Pro Football Hall of Famer Warren Moon (get it?)added to the chorus of people proud of him, and the former NFL and CFL quarterback added that he played with some guys who were gay” {This is the First active NFL Player to come out as Gay} [28 is the number of years Saturn travels thru the 12 Zodiac Signs.]

Tennessee man is fifth to plead guilty in US Capitol Riots”

“New York Giants legend Eli Manning is officially back with the organization in a business operations and fan engagement role”

Abigail Disney has a lot to criticize about American billionaires — especially when they inherit a pile of cash and avoid paying income tax” [Abigail like ABBA -Aramaic for Father]

“Democrats including Stacy Abrams, to voice support for voter ID rules that they had previously denounced as racist.”

“According to court documents, Britney Spears has been trying for years to get out from the clutches of her conservatorship and paints her father as an angry drunk.”

“Rachel Zegler Will Be Playing “Snow White” [& The Seven Dwarfs] In Disney’s Upcoming Live-Action Remake” {Seven is a division of the 28 year Saturn Rotation Cycle}

Bit Coin crashed 6/22 . To the lowest value since..Jan. 28, 2021. 28 is Saturn. Bitcoin = 36 FR just like Jupiter.

Ursa Minor (Little Bear Constellation) = 128.

LeBron James tweeted Drake’s lyrics from 30 for 30: “Never thought I’d be talkin’ from this perspective
But I’m not really sure what else you expected
When the higher-ups have all come together as a collective
With conspiracies to end my run and send me a message. 🦉👑” The Owl and the Crown. … “The Owl serves as a symbol/mascot of the secret society called the Bohemian Grove – an elite men’s club with members who represent influential movers and shakers in an array of industries, including the arts and politics. The club has been shrouded in a cloud of mystery that heightens the perceived notions of member activities since those who participate are known to have wealth, power, and influence as an asset. For example, former U.S. President Richard Nixon spoke of attending Bohemian Grove events, and even mentioned the secret club in the Watergate tapes.” The Owl is a symbol of knowledge. https://www.unexplainable.net……The Crown symbolizes Power – “King James”…Speculation is LeBron was “supposed” to go to the NBA Finals this year. Vegas was “set for life” when all the Lakers & Nets Futures did not pay out.

On 5/19/21, the day leaving 226 days left in the year: Cy Young Winner Corey Kluber threw his 1st career no-hitter during the Yankees shutout win, Fernando Tatis Jr. made an immediate impact in his return from the COVID-list, Ronald Acuna blasted a walk-off bomb. Acuna is Jupiter. Padres – Saturn. Yankees is 26FR. Kluber is Jupiter.

May 19th, 2021 was also remembered for LeBron James’ improbable GW-3PM over Steph Curry during the Lakers 103-100 victory over Golden State in the play-in game to secure the defending champions’ spot in the 2021 NBA Playoffs. The other play-in game also came down to the wire as the Grizzlies eliminated San Antonio thanks to big performances from Jonas Valanciunas and Dillon Brooks. Grizzlies is Saturn. LeBron is Saturn. Valanciunas is Jupiter…..Brooks = 26FR.

Playoff Clues

“1 dead, 12 injured in series of drive-by shootings in Arizona; suspect in custody” – headline today…this happened 6/17/2021 in Surprise & Peoria apart of the Phoenix, AZ. metro area….

There is a Constellation named Phoenix which is part of a Group of Constellations known as “The Southern Birds”…Atlanta is in the South, a Hawk is well, you know.

For those unaware, the shooting on Monday 6/14/2021 at the Big Bear Supermarket was a 911(156th prime) Ritual for the 15th of June (15/6) connected to the Vegas Golden Knights & Atlanta Hawks Games played later that same day. (Both teams won)…

Big Bear Supermarket is in Dekalb, Georgia minutes from Atlanta, GA..Dekalb, Georgia = 201..

Big Bear is also another name for the Constellation Ursa Major)[A few of the Stars in this Constellation – 1. Arcturus named for King Arthur (The KNIGHTS of the Round Table). 2. Capella (Clint Capela/Atlanta Hawks player). 3. Alkaid (like Al Queda).

“1 dead, 12 injured” – 112, Possible total combined score for any of the future playoff Games? Former Atlanta Hawk, Dominique Wilkins’ birthday 1/12/1960. Dominique’s brother, Gerald Wilkins, played for the New York Knicks. Gerald Bernard Wilkins (born September 11, 1963). ………………………….. …………………………….Brooklyn went 1 for 12 in overtime in Game 7 on 6/19.

Current Golden Knights player, Ryan Reaves, DRAFTED 156th overall by St. Louis Blues
was reassigned to their American Hockey League (AHL) affiliate, the PEORIA Riverman (911 is 156TH Prime#)….

Las Vegas Golden Knights is the only team that could get to 56 wins if they win the Stanley Cup.

Two Utah Jazz Stories with “Surprise” in the Headline:

On June 9, “Utah Jazz Surprise Rudy Gobert With DPOY Trophy”…

5/19 “Jazz Players Surprise Scholarship Recipients With Video Call”

5/19 has 45 & 18 Date Numerology..Jazz = 45RO & 18FR……Friday is named for Venus which = 18FR..Jazz = 18FR.. 5/19 leaves 226 days left in the year (the Closest Jupiter/Saturn Conjnction in1226)…

From 6/9 to 6/18 = 1 week 3 days….Jazz = 103RO   

“Jazz  Players Surprise Scholarship Recipients With Video Call” = 322 The Skull and Bones number.

Surprise = 614 Jew (date of Big Bear Supermarket Shooting); 55RFR; 44FR; 62SR; Clippers = 44FR; Hawks = 62 EO; 76ers = 55 EO; Peoria, Arizona = 76FR

The 5/22 Dominique Wilkins Tweet about his racist treatment at a Restaurant, was posted at 6:13 pm…..Vegas Golden Knights Coach, Peter DeBoer, was born June 13, 1968 (age 53)

The Gunman in the Big Bear Supermarket Shooting is Victor Lee Tucker Jr which equals 426 Franc Baconis…

From 4/26/2021 to the day of shooting 6/14/2021 is 1 month 19 days (119 or 911)…

Alkaid (similar to Al Queda)..For those who don’t know, Al Queda is “behind” the World Trade Center Attack on 09/11/2001…Alkaid is the easternmost star in the Big Dipper & is approximately 101 LIGHT YEARS away…….35th brightest star in the night sky………Philadelphia = 101 (26th Prime)….Montreal = 35…. Peoria, Arizona = 76FR….76ers

The neighboring constellations of Big Bear are Boötes, Camelopardalis, Canes Venatici, Coma Berenices, Draco, Leo, Leo Minor and Lynx………Camelopardalis like Camelo Anthony in the news on 6/17 for infidelity..his wife LA LA filed for divorce..

Since the latter part of May, Radio Host Charlemagne Tha God has been lambasted by ex Prof. Basketball Player Kwame Brown for past bad behavior. Charlemagne (King of the Franks & crowned Emperor of the Romans by Pope Leo III in 800) is Associated with King Arthur.

4/26 is also the day Super bowl Champ Tampa Bay Buccaneer Rob Gronkowski set the Guiness World Record for the longest football reception (600 ft.) From a Helicopter in Arizona

On 6/18, Philadelphia won (104 – 99); Utah Jazz lost (119 – 131); Vegas Knights lost (2 – 3). Jazz were eliminated.

On 6/19/21, The Lightning lost to the Islanders 2 – 3.

On 6/20/21, Father’s Day, Atlanta beat Philadelphia 103 – 96 to go on to the Eastern Conference Finals against the Milwaukee Bucks…………Vegas Knights beat Montreal 2 – 1…..From 4/26/21 to 6/20/21 is 1 month 26 days; or 56 days; or 8 weeks…

The 56 Team (Phoenix Suns) won on 6/20/21 against the Clippers – 120 – 114.

Hawks & Bucks play on 6/23 (Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction 1623) Hawks won 116 – 113.

Baylor/Waco Siege/Rapper DMX/Bobby Brown’s Kids & the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction

The Waco, Texas team Baylor won The 82nd NCAA Basketball Championship with 28 wins. Their Opponent, Gonzaga, had not lost a game until the Finals. Baylor = 28. Gonzaga = 28. The Infamous Waco Siege happened 28 years ago (1993) where 28 children died. There were 86 deaths in all.

The Waco Siege began on 2/28 (which is written 28/2 in other parts of the world). Baylor’s Final Season Record was 28 – 2.

R&B Singer Bobby Brown’s son Bobby Brown, Jr. was born 11/26/1992. That was 340 months from 4/5 (the date of the Game). Brown’s Daughter, Bobbi Christina, was born 3/4/1993. That was 10260 days from 4/5. Bobbi Christina would have been 28 years old.
4/5 – Ritual = 45…….. (April 5) is also known as 5/4 in other parts of the world.. Sun = 54…Lunar Eclipse = 54….The Sun is said to be 93 million miles from Earth. Saturn = 93….

From Bobbi Christina’s death on 7/26/2015 to 4/5/2021 is 2080 days (or 28).

Mark Few, Coach for Gonzaga, was hired as head coach on 7/26/1999. From that date to 4/5/2021 is 260 months (26)…there’s that 26…

Bobby Brown, Jr. died 11/18/2020 leaving 43 days left in the year. Sun also equals 18….

3/4 is also written 4/3 in other parts of the world.

Prince Phillip, The Queen of England’s Husband, died 4/9/2021. From his last birthday 06/10/2020 to 4/9/2021 is 304 days (34).

Solar Eclipse = 134 & 186.

The Closest Observable Jupiter Saturn Conjunction was on 3/4/1226(March 4,1226) *See notes

With Baylor’s win, Baylor’s Coach (Scott Drew) remained on 226 Career losses.

Sacrifice = 226; 206; 340; 55

Former Laker Basketball Player Elgin Baylor died during the NCAA Tornament. He was born in 1934 (86 years old). Baylor scored 86 points in the Game. Bobbi Christina Brown = 86. A total of 86 People died in the Waco Siege. Waco= 86.

L.A. Laker Kobe Bryant died 1/26/2020….Bear Bryant (University of Alabama Football Coach) died 1/26/1983 (37 years later). Baylor’s Mascot is The Bears. A Rioter used Bear Spray on a Police Officer at President Trump’s STOP THE STEAL Rally/Riot on 01/06/2021. On 01/16/2021, Decoder Zach Hubbard got Bear sprayed at an Antifa Protest….. 01/06 & 01/16…Baylor Bears won by 16 points.

Bear Bryant was born 9/11/1913. From that date to 4/5/2021 is 107 years 6 months 26 days. 107 is the 28th Prime Number.

Bobby Brown, Jr.’s full name is Robert Barisford Brown which equals 107.

Ritual Sacrifice = 107……It also equals 82; 154; 180(18);

Rapper Shock G ( “helped introduce Rapper Tupac Shakur”) died 4/22/2021. He was born 8/25/1963…..The Star Player for Baylor, Jared Butler, was born 8/25/2000 (also 37 years later). Eclipse = 137.

From 8/25/2020 to 4/22/2021 is 34 weeks or 7 months 28 days……Shock G died in Tampa, Florida the site of this year’s Superbowl. Quarterback Tom Brady got his 7TH Championship Ring.

*Notes: Jupiter is the Fifth (5) planet from the Sun. Fifth = 23. Saturn is the Sixth (6). Sixth = 26. Jupiter & Saturn “conjunct” or appear to be close together in the sky every 20 years. The last one was December 21, 2020. Before that, in 2000, then 1981, then 1961…& so on…. Conjunctions aren’t all equal. The 2020 conjunction is the closest the planet’s have been since 7/16/1623 & the closest observable since 3/4/1226.
“Give me a boy until he’s seven and he’s mine for life” is a well known expression that comes from Jesuit doctrine. Seven is known as a spiritual number and it’s the number of years that equals a quarter of Saturn’s orbit (28 and a half years) to travel through all the signs of the zodiac. So ages 7, 14, 21 and 28 are turning points in the first Saturn cycle. (Age 56 is the second Saturn return)…..

7/16/1623…Baylor beat Gonzaga by 16 points (86 – 70). Scott Drew has birth numerology of 23…Scott = 23…Drew = 23…Baylor University’s logo is B U which equals 23…B = 2 U = 21 (The year is 2021)…Scott Drew was hired as Coach for Baylor in 2003 (23)…Scott Drew was born on the 23rd day of the month (10/23/1970)…Gonzaga got their 23rd Title loss. Gonzaga was named after Aloysius Gonzaga who died at the age of 23 while caring for victims of a serious epidemic (just like now, we’re in the midst of a “serious” epidemic).

Scott Drew’s brother, Bryce Drew is famous for hitting the winning shot in a 1998 NCAA Tournament game. From that date 3/13/1998 to 04/5/2021 is 23 years 23 days. Bryce Drew is now the Basketball Coach at Grand Canyon University who had a player(Oscar Frayer) die at the age of 23 just after the team lost in the first round of this year’s NCAA Tournament. He died on March 23 (car accident). Baylor University = 197 (45th prime); 82; 2186; 208;

The Coach for Gonzaga, Mark Few, was born 12/27/1962…1227 is one off from 1226. 62 is the reflection of 26. Mark Norman Few = 2602; 2316; 62; Gonzaga University = 226; 107(28th prime); 821; 221; 2126;

***Side Note***

Waco was named for The Huaco Indians who had their land STOLEN

from them, forced to leave Waco & live on a Reservation in Oklahoma.

Huaco Indians = 118; 55; 455; 206(26), 64, 708(78) ……..Huaco = 45; 24; 33; 21; 95; 113; 48(Date of the Great U.S. Solar Eclipse in 2024 is April 8th). Indians = 34; 193; 126; 223; 70; 208; 86

118 like Bobby Brown, Jr.’s 11/18 death.

55 like Superbowl 55 INwhich The Chiefs (or Indians) lost to the Buccaneers (or Pirates[who STEAL]). Quarterback for the Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes = 226….Tampa the site of the Superbowl as well as the Superbowl Champs = 226. Quarterback for Tampa Bay, Tom Brady was 43 years old when he was the Superbowl Most Valuable Player (MVP)………….Total Solar Eclipse = 257(The 55th Prime Number).

455 & 45 like the date of the NCAA Final (4/5)…………………………………………………. Ritual = 45

••••• Bobby Brown, Jr.’s Autopsy Report was made public on 3/22/2021…………..

Elgin Baylor died on 3/22 as well…

Rapper DMX suffered a drug overdose on April 2, 2021(written 4/2 or 2/4). He later died 4/9/2021. April 9, 2021 has numerology of 34…DMX = 334…Rapper = 34….From his last birthday 12/18/2020 to 4/9/2021 is 16 weeks exactly OR 322 days. (more on DMX below)

322 is the number for The Yale University Secret Society Organization “Skull & Bones”.

Skull & Bones member Prescott Bush is said to have had Apache Indian Chief Geronimo’s remains exhumed in 1918 or 1919. Geronimo’s Skull and Bones were

STOLEN and taken to the Organization’s site on The Yale Campus in New Haven, Connecticut. Prescott Bush is the father of former President George H. W. Bush ’48 and grandfather to former President George W. Bush ’68. They are all Graduates of Yale University.

George Bush resides in Crawford, Texas a part of the Waco Metropolitan Area.

DMX appeared in the music video “Just in Case” . The video release date is 9/27/2019 – 09/27/1540 is the establishment date of the Jesuits. (Ritual Sacrifice = 154). 9/27/2019 to 3/11/2020 (Coronavirus Pandemic Declaration) is 201 days OR 28 weeks.

The Song was made for the Streaming Series “Godfather of Harlem” starring Forrest Whitaker. DMX’s lyrics in the song are, “I’m the fucking plague, I’m global warming I’m the Ebola virus, my niggas is pirates”…..Godfather of Harlem = 322..

Some of Rick Ross’ lyrics in the song include: “Skull and bones ’til I die, nigga, well paid”.

What’s the flag on Pirate Ships? Skull & Bones…..Researchers have stated that The Catholic Church commissioned Pirate ships from Spain by way of Rome, Italy to loot other ships and stake illegal claims on foreign lands.  So Christopher Columbus was actually a pirate.  

See the symbolism used to carry out their Rituals? Pirates (ruled by the Catholic Church) steal from and enslave Natives(Indians). In some rituals the Natives come out on top, in others the “Other Side” does. (Kansas City Chiefs [as in Indian Chiefs] won the 54th Superbowl). The Rituals are Centuries long traditions to commemorate Eclipses, Jupiter Saturn Conjunctions, Deities & other Celebrations from different Cultures/Nations/Religions.

I Don’t know who is running these Daily rituals, but it is with much Certainty that they want us to BeLIEve it’s the Jesuits/Skull & Bones/& Other Secret Societies. (Google “False Flags”.)

Gonzaga, a Jesuit University, symbolizes the Pirates. (Jesuits are Catholic).

Baylor was supposed to lose to Gonzaga or “have the Championship STOLEN from them”, but Vegas made out like BANDITS ‘cuz “errrrbody” bet on Gonzaga…

Fun Facts about Super Bowl XVIII

It was held 01/22/1984….

Los Angeles Raiders vs.  Washington Redskins
Raiders (pirates) vs. Redskins (natives).  This year’s Superbowl is Pirates vs. Natives also. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Kansas City Chiefs respectively.

Raiders won 38-9  defeating the Redskins who had won the Superbowl the year prior.

Oakland Raiders moved to Los Angeles in 1982.

There was a Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction that began in 1981…. Superbowl in Tampa in 1984 …Conjunction started on 12/21/2020 ~ 2021 Superbowl held in Tampa Bay

Going into the Superbowl, the Redskins had only lost 2 games….So far this season, the Chiefs have only lost 2 games.

This is the Superbowl that aired the infamous Apple Computer “1984” commercial introducing Apple Macintosh.

Will History repeat itself?

Kansas City Chiefs & Mega Millions XII

Date of this Headline is: 10:59 AM CST Feb 3, 2021

“Someone is $1 million richer after buying a Mega Millions ticket in KCMO” =

1294(14); 917(17); 287(28); 284(28); 1294(29); 291(29); 449(44); 4419(44); 203(2)(3 is the 2nd prime number)……………..

Date Article was posted – 2/3; 917(9/17 is Patrick Mahomes’ b’day); 5497(jackpot amount)

Ten fifty nine February third =

140(14) four times; 1017(17); 1177(17); 286(28); 328(28); 1249(14; 29); 193(44th prime number); 744(44); 302(2)(3 is 2nd prime number)

The $54 million with a cash option of 39.7 million Mega Millions numbers for Feb. 5: 

14…17…28..29..44…Mega Ball: 2

Patrick Mahomes – Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback.

Kansas City Chiefs Coach Andy Reid’s Son died on 8/5/2012 (218th day of year)(218 – 8/21 is date of coast to coast total solar eclipse in 2017)…

He was 29 years old… His obituary is filled with 2007(27 – 2/7 Superbowl)

here’s the link: https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/name/garrett-reid-obituary?pid=178857580

From 8/5/2012 to this year’s Superbowl is 444 weeks.

Kansas City Chief’s all time win loss record is 510 wins 444 LOSSES 12 ties. If Kansas City wins Superbowl, their season record will be 17-2.

So lets recap:

The Lotto #’s: 14..17..28..29..44..*2 Kansas City will be 17-2 if they win Superbowl… Reid’s Son died on 218th day of year (28). He was 29 YEARS OLD …from his death to the Superbowl is 444 weeks (44)

The Quarterback Matthew Stafford Trade, JFK Assassination & Superbowl 56

On January 30, 2021, Matthew Stafford (Quarterback for Detroit Lions) was traded to the Los Angeles Rams. Stafford grew up in Highland Park, Texas & attended Highland Park High School only 6 miles from where President John F Kennedy was assassinated.

Superbowl 56 is scheduled for 02/06/2022 at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California (It has been changed to 2/13/2022). February 6 is President Ronald Reagan’s Birthday. On 3/3/1981, Reagan was shot along with 3 others by John Hinckley, Jr. Coincidentally ( or not~wink,wink), Hinckley also attended Highland Park High School. More “co-inkadinks”: Hinckley’s birthday is 5/29 just like John F Kennedy; Hinckley bought the gun used to shoot Reagan from ROCKY’s Pawn Shop on Elm Street (same street where Kennedy was shot). People who worship the Sun and celebrate Eclipses venerate The SACRED ROCK (Petra). (Like Petco Stadium, San Diego, CA. Padres – Saturn…The Black Sun)

Matthew Stafford was born in Tampa, FL on 02/7/1988. Tampa is the site of 2021’s Superbowl. He will be 33 years old for 2022’s Superbowl. From 1/30/2021 to 02/06/2022 is 12 months 8 days (821…8/21/2017 is date of U.S. coast to coast Total Solar Eclipse. The Superbowl is a huge Eclipse Celebration. From 01/30/2021 to 2/13/2022 is 1 Year, 15 Days;
12 Months, 15 Days; 54 Weeks, 2 Days; 380 Days. Sun = 54; Lunar Eclipse = 54.

Will Matthew Stafford be the 2nd Quarterback in History to play a Superbowl in his team’s home city? (Tom Brady w/Tampa Buccaneers is the first).

From the 11/3/2020 election day to 2/6/2022 is 1 year 3 months 3 days; (Matthew Stafford will be 33 years old after  2/7/2021)…..65 weeks;  460(46) days; 1 year 95 days;  15 Months 3 days (153). From 11/3/2020 to 2/13/2022 is 1 year 3 months 11 days; 1 Year, 103 Days; 15 Months, 11 Days; 66 Weeks, 6 Days; 468 Days.

15 (51 or 5/10 -date of George W Bush assassination attempt)

From 2/7/2021 (Superbowl & Stafford’s b’day) to 2/6/2022 (Superbowl) is 52 weeks; 11 months 30 days(113);  364 days

From Joe Biden’s b’day (11/20/2021) to Matthew Stafford’s b’day(2/7/2022) is 11 weeks 3 days(113[11/3]); 2 months 18 days (8/21 is date of coast to coast U.S. total eclipse in 2017); 79 or 80 days

From 5/10/2005 (George W. Bush Assassination attempt) to 01/30/2021 is 15 years 8 months 21 days (8/21 date of Total Solar Eclipse in 2017).

Los Angeles Rams = 52; 160(16 is 53rd prime #); 79(22nd) prime #[2022]; 529 (John F Kennedy’s & John Hinckley’s B’DAY is 5/29); 218(8/21 total solar eclipse);

Rams = 113(11/3); 101(26th prime# – 2/6 was Superbowl 2022); 15; 201

Los Angeles = 53; 2006(2/6);

President Joe Biden won the election on 11/3/2020(113) becoming the 46th President. Joseph Biden = 53; 62(6th of Feb.); 313(65th prime#); 313 is Detroit, MI area code where Stafford used to play.

Superbowl 56 = 52;  234; 46; 53;  364; 95; 460; 128(821-8/21 total eclipse in 2017)

Superbowl LVI = 52; 150(15);

Superbowl = 112 like Joe Biden’s b’day 11/20; 41(179 is 41st prime#); 449(87th prime#) John Matthew Stafford = 449; 717

Joseph Robinette Biden = 944(449)

NFC Championship = 52; 1079(179);

NFC Champions = 53(16th prime#)

Matthew Stafford = 62(6th of Feb -was the date of Superbowl 2022;   179; 1481(234th prime#)

SoFi stadium = 46

The Planets Jupiter & Saturn “conjunct” or appear to be close together in the sky every 20 years. The last one was December 21, 2020. Before that, in 2000, then 1981, then 1961…& so on…. Conjunctions aren’t all equal. The 2020 great conjunction is the closest the planet’s have been since 1623 & the closest observable since 1226.

1226 looks very much like previous date of the Superbowl – 2/6/22.

Matthew Stafford = 226….John Matthew Stafford = 226…Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback is Patrick Mahomes (Patrick Mahomes = 226 TWICE)…Tampa, the site of 2021’s Superbowl, equals 226. This is why the Superbowl is in Tampa after Jupiter Saturn Conjunctions. Superbowl fifty six= 1260(1226) ..Joe Biden= 126(1226)…Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. = 126

2021 Superbowl; 2001 Superbowl; & 1984 Superbowl were all in Tampa, Fl. Tampa did not get a Professional Football Team until 1976. The 1964 Professional Football Championship was held in Cleveland Ohio, at Cleveland Stadium(Cleveland Stadium = 4326 [the last closest observable Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction was March 4, 1226] 4326 – 4th of March ’26.

Will Superbowl 56 be the Chiefs vs. Rams?

A curious thing happens with the U.S. President who is in Office during or right after a Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction. That being, the President dies or is assassinated or has an assassination attempt.

After the Conjunction in 1961, John F Kennedy was assassinated on 11/22/1963…..Ronald Reagan attempted assassination on 3/3/1981…..George W. Bush attempted assassination 5/10/2005.

What will be the fate of Biden?

Posted by Josh Alper on May 20, 2021, 7:20 AM EDT:

“Matthew Stafford:Seeing other QBs thrive with new teams makes you feel good” = 326 (1623); 340( March 4); 322; 367(73rd prime); 506 (56); 5628; 883 (153rd prime)

From 5/20/2021 to 2/13/2022 is 1 year 8 months 24 or 25 days (8/25 birthday of Baylor Star Player Jared Butler & Death date of Rapper Shock G) (8/24 Kobe Bryant Day)…1 Year 270 days (2/7 date of Superbowl 55)…90 weeks 5(4) days…..635 (4)days

Josh Alper = 139 (34thprime); 326 (1623 Jupiter Saturn Conjunction)…206(26)

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